Norsk Oxford - stipendium ved Wadham College eller Norway Scholarship

The scholarship is available to students at the University of Oslo or recent graduates therefrom. The Scholarship is awarded to one student each year and shall be used to cover costs through one academic year (three terms). Students at all stages of their studies may apply. It is a plus to apply for degree work.

Make certain that you apply for a programme for which Wadham College may offer tuition (Subjects). In making its choice, the committee will give due attention to marks, personal and academic potential, and extracurricular activities.

Scholarship history.

Detaljer om fond/legat
Søknadsfrister: 15.10
Gjelder for søkere tilknyttet: Annet
Kategori: Faglig stipend
Utlyses av: UNIFOR (Det betyr at du kan søke på dette fondet ved å klikke på "Søk om midler" i menyen over i perioden søknader kan sendes inn)